Monday, March 13, 2006

My Paper on The Holocaust

As I went to the Holocaust meeting, I realized that it was a lot more horrifying then I thought it was. I signed up to learn more and I did. I listened to three different people but one stuck out the most, Gerda Weissmann Klein. As I listened to her story, I felt as if I was there. The smells, the feeling, it was intense as if I was in a horror film.
The Story
As the war started, time stopped. Hitler began to turn the heads of the citizens of Germany. He said that he had a plan, a plan to help everyone. But he said there were people standing in the way; Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah Witness, homosexuals, the handicapped, and so much more. He convinced them that they would stop them.
After the Jews, Gypsies, etc. heard this, they did exactly as Hitler planned and told the citizens, they objected. The Nazis started off small, they had everyone write down things about them; their religion, their name, where they live, etc. They were very reassuring and persuasive. They went little by little; limited stores, curfews, when to sleep, when to eat, they had everyone in the palm of their hand.
But that wasn’t enough. They had to go further. First, they started burning books, everything that represented those people. Then, when that didn’t crack them, they started burning buildings; shops, houses, and apartments. They wanted them to feel as if they had nothing left.
Next, the names started, the badges, they couldn’t even walk on the sidewalk. They weren’t good enough. Nazis wanted them to feel lower than a human being, lower than dirt. If someone wanted something you had and wouldn’t give it to them, they had the right to shoot you.
After that, the Nazis felt they didn’t have the right to live in the area so they created the “ghetto”. It was an area separated from everyone else. In every room there were two bunks and they had to fit over twelve people in each. Some were transferred from the ghetto to concentration camps otherwise known as death camp. Thousands were forced into cattle areas for three days with no food or water and only a few buckets for restrooms.
The lucky ones were the ones who stayed in the ghetto during the war. Amazingly, one ghetto was able to hold off the Nazis for three days until they broke in with tanks and machine guns and took their power back. When people were unloaded at the concentration camps they were divided into people who couldn’t work and people who could. The people who couldn’t work were taken to an area and told to strip down and given a bar of soap. They assumed they were going to take a shower but instead they were guided into a gas chamber where they were killed within minutes. The people who could work were also told to strip down but they actually were allowed to shower. Afterwards, they were handed a razor and told to shave their head and armpits. Then they were given clothes that didn’t even fit them for work clothes.
The rooms in the camps were the same as the ones in the ghetto. Every night they would hear dogs barking, screaming, gunshots and the popping of the fire that burned the dead bodies nonstop. Many people witnessed the Nazi’s dancing around the fire. If someone made the Nazis mad, they would throw them into the fire. For fun the Nazis would throw babies in the air and use them as target practice. They had no heart.
When word came the Americans were coming the Nazis made the Jews march for 350 miles. They started on January 29th with 2,000 people and ended on May 7th ending with only 120 people left. This became known as the death march. If a person was unable to continue marching they were killed on the spot. 6 million Jewish people died from this tragedy and 5 million of others.
This was pronounced WW2. Hitler and his wife locked themselves in a house and they both took poison and Hitler also shot himself when they found that the U.S. army was coming after them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Cousin....

My cousin Ryan is awesome. One day, me and my sister learned this new word, dendrophiliac and he claimed that he was one. When we didn't believe him, he said that he kept a fern by his side. Last Saturday, it was Ryan's birthday and me and my sis made this:
Tree Weekly has been making Tree Lovers happy for over eight years. Filled with colorful pictures of trees and more ranging from African Pine to British Maple.

Table of Contents
Tree Lover Q & A’s 2
Quiz: Do you have what it takes… 3
Mystery Picture: Connect the Dots 7
Word Scramble 7
Tragedy In The Trees 4
Weeds: Beauty or Dirt? 5

Q’s & A’s
Dear Sam & Shayla,
I am very confused at this point. I have come to where I can’t sleep at night unless I have a fern by my side. Is this unusual? Am I, Ryan Lashlee, a dendrophiliac? Is this wrong? Please help as soon as possible. Thank you. Sincerely, Ryan Lashlee
Sam: Dear Mr. Lashlee I am In awe!! I have never had anyone be so honest about there feelings! THANK YOU! Fern’s are very comforting to many people. I admit that I myself once had a fern named Ronald. He was green and very healthy. Don’t feel weird. Buy another fern so the first can have a friend. Sincerely, SAM ( tree specialist ).
Shayla: Ryan, don’t worry. It’ll pass. You should get to know your fern better. Like for instance…..does he/she have a name? A gender? A past? A homeland? A sibling? Maybe he/she wants to be reunited with their family. Or maybe he/she has a spouse and wants to tell but cannot speak for you don’t know he/she’s native tongue. Learn to speak in it’s native tongue. Understand it more and you will grow past this phase. Thanks.
Sincerely, Shayla (tree specialist )

QUIZ: Do you have what it takes to become a Tree Lover?
1.Do you find yourself staring at trees while in crowded areas? A). Yes B). No C). Sometimes
2.Is your favorite part of Christmas when you get your Christmas Tree? A). Yes B). No
3.Do you use Pine Scented Deodorant? A). Yes B). No C). Sometimes
4.Do you ever wake up in forests with only a paper bag? A). Yes, all the time B). Never C). Sometimes
5.Do you cry when leaves fall off trees and collect the leaves to make a wreath that you wear on your head only when you’re alone? A). Yes B). Never C). Once
If you answered mostly A’s, then congratulations you are a Tree LOVER! If you answered mostly B’s, congratulations, stop reading our magazine. If you answered mostly C’s, then you are on your way!

NEWS: Tragedy In the Trees
Curiosity has struck the little town of Citysville when a tree was found beating a young woman. The tree is a middle aged that is now called a tree gone bad. Now many in Citysville love trees and admire their freedom. But why, WHY would a beautiful tree beat a woman senseless. It must have had a reason. We called in tree specialists Sam Guyre and Shayla Coffey to the scene. News Lady: Miss Guyre, why do you think that the tree has done something like this? Sam: Well miss news lady whom I have never met before, I don’t know. Shayla: That’s what we’re here to find out. Sam: (to tree) Now calm down. Please just tell me your name. Tree: Henry. Shayla: Now, Henry, what happened? Tree: Well, this lady came and started staring at me. I didn’t know what to do. She was getting closer…and closer….and I just snapped! AAAHHH!!! I lunged forward and smacked her once and then she fell unconscious. I didn’t beat her. Shayla: Well, it seems like it was self-defense. Sam: But she didn’t do anything…Shayla: Who’s side are you on?!? Sam: Whatever…alright folks…case closed. THE END.
Here’s a photo of Henry:

WEEDS: Beauty Or DIRT??????
For centuries, Tree Lovers everywhere have always asked the same question….Are weeds lovable? Many Tree Scientists say NO that weeds are not lovable, however my friends, I think differently. You see just 3 weeks ago I had an experience that changed my life forever. It was a Tuesday and I was collecting sap from a maple tree when all of the sudden a pigeon swooped down at me! Suddenly I fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up there was a weed on my head. I thought that I had been dreaming because the weed began to talk to me. It told of all it’s plans to one day form a country where weeds and trees lived together. Although I knew this would never happen I patted the weed. I found that weeds had feelings and needs too and if we would just give them some water, they would sprout.

Win A FREE Vacation!!!!
This prepaid Tree Vacation includes 5 dinners in a forest with a tree of your choice, a leaf scavenger hunt, and 3 bark massages!!

Tree Sweepstakes! All you need to do is send us a postcard with your name, address, phone number, and ten reasons why you would love to spend a week of fun at an all prepaid tree resort! Or log on to our website at to enter today!
Win a FREE car!!!!

Tree Weekly Presents It’s 3rd Annual Tree Poem Contest!!
How would you like to express your feelings through poetry about trees and win a free car at the same time????
Simply write a romantic poem about trees and then mail it to your nearest...

Well...I would include the games but its not allowing me....anyways...he thought it was funny as hell.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I have signed up to go to a place where there are some Holocaust survivors and I had to answer some questions to be selected to go. Tell me what you think...
Why are you interested in attending the conference?
As I studied it last year, I have always wanted to know more. I also studied and researched Adolf Hitler for a book report and learned that he took torturing to a full extent. I have always wanted to know more and try to understand both sides of the story. The hate of the Nazi's and the fear of the others. I have sat and cried through many movies and books and hope this will be a new learning experience for me.
What do you hope to gain from the conference?
I hope I gain more feeling about the Holocaust and I would love to know what those poor people went through by losing their families and hiding out all that time. I want to feel moved more by the people who braved through it all. I have soo many questions such as; How did you avoid the Nazi's?, Where were some of the places you hid?, What did you survive on?, Did you have anyone with you?, Were you warned before the Nazi's arrived?, etc.
How do you plan to share this experience with others?
I plan to take notes and explain more with my family. I also plan to interview some of the survivors in hope to get enough information to write a story. I plan to tell my friends at school and at church. I would also post all the information I have on my website and other websites so others can have the chance to feel what I felt during this experience.
Please tell me what your opinion is on these answers. I will share with you the information I learn after February 28th. Thank you.

Monday, February 06, 2006

My Conversation....

This is our conversation on February 6th, 2006 around 9:30 pm.....enjoy.....
Shayla says:DUSTIN!!!
dustin says:SHAYLA!!!!
Shayla says:wutcha doing?
Shayla says:oh joy....
dustin says:Yeah
dustin says:wait
dustin says:brb
Shayla says:k...
Shayla says:...
dustin says:I changed it from rap to kool blues baby
Shayla says hi...
dustin says:yeah
dustin says:Hi Mommy!!!!
Shayla says:she says hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Shayla says:and that she misses you
dustin says:Aww
Shayla says:guess what happened earlier...
dustin says:what??
Shayla says:hold on...
Shayla says:ok...
Shayla says:I bought a variety box of rice krispie treats k?
dustin says:give me little bits at a time so I don't get bored
Shayla says:at Vons
Shayla says:yesterday
Shayla says:and
dustin says:that's what happened ?
Shayla says:...
Shayla says:...
Shayla says:mom wanted one...
Shayla says:I said no
Shayla says:NO!!!...
dustin says:ok
Shayla says:but she took one anyways...
dustin says:so what happened earlier??
Shayla says:I screamed...
Shayla says:NO!!!
dustin says:NO!!!
Shayla says:but then she wanted the box...
dustin says:the box?
Shayla says:it tipped over and spilt all over me...
dustin says:All over you?"
Shayla says:so she grabbed all that she could
dustin says:All that she could?
Shayla says:then I threw the rest of the box at her...
dustin says:At her?
Shayla says:so I chased her
dustin says:Awe! Shou cought it?
dustin says:and you chased her!
Shayla says:and she was leaning on me and pushing me back....
dustin says:pushing!!!!?
Shayla says:I turned around to her front so I could grab the food
Shayla says:and...
dustin says:Yeah! Get that food!
Shayla says:hahahahha
Shayla says:hahahahaha
Shayla says:hahahahahahaha
dustin says:hahahahahahaha????
Shayla says:I only wished we had gotten that on tape
dustin says:I mean
dustin says:hahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dustin says:Your mean!
Shayla says:it was sooooooooooo FUNNY!!!
dustin says:Did Mom get hurt??
dustin says:Am I going to have to kick you butt?
Shayla says:no
Shayla says:no
dustin says:ooooh,, you got lucky this time
Shayla says:wutev
dustin says:muw whaa waa
Shayla says:ur not here
Shayla says:hahaha
Shayla says:HA HA!
dustin says:aigh yah
dustin says:kie aie
Shayla says:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dustin says:RRUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shayla says:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shayla says:ok
dustin says:yeah
dustin says:that's enough of that
Shayla says:..........................................*running*....................................................
Shayla says:.....................................
Shayla says:.............................
Shayla says:*running
Shayla says:*
Shayla says:............................................
dustin says:Whoa
Shayla says:.
Shayla says:.
Shayla says:....
Shayla says:...
Shayla says:.
Shayla says:.
dustin says:cha chill
Shayla says:....
Shayla says:ok
Shayla says:..
Shayla says:...
dustin says:*foot out*
dustin says:*trip*
Shayla says:......*trip*
Shayla says:....
dustin says:hahahahahaha
Shayla says:*smack*
Shayla says:hahahahaha
dustin says:ooww
Shayla says:bwahahahaha!
dustin says:peace?
Shayla says:yeah
dustin says:cool
dustin says:So, shouldn't you be doing homework or something?
dustin says:hello?
Shayla says:I'm done with that
dustin says:with what?
Shayla says:HOMEWORK!!!
Shayla says:dork....
dustin says:Oh
Shayla says:*eyes roll*
dustin says:I love you
dustin says:Hey
Shayla says:yeah yeah....
Shayla says:I love you too...
dustin says:I'm going to put this conversation on my blog!
dustin says:It's going to be cool
dustin says:hahahahahaha
dustin says:!!!!!!!!!!
Shayla says:hahahahahhaaa
Hope you enjoyed that.....

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ellie's Friends

Well I told you that I would post the friends....First we have Ashley. The first picture is from when she told off her ex, who cheated on her, publicaly. It was really funny.

These are Marco........

Yep...he's gay alright....but he's still cute!
Hope I encouraged you to watch this show on a channel called the-n...if you don't have it go to and find more information on Degrassi.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Degrassi: The Next Generation is probably my favorite show on tv. I love watching it. It has it's moments. Scary and sweet. Here are some pictures of my favorite couples and characters.
Meet Ellie Nash. The only punk at Degrassi and stays the only punk. She has two friends; Ashley and Marco, ang they're always there for her. Obviously the one on the left is Ashley.-> The one below is Marco. \/ They've been friends ever since the show has started. They went out once. But then, it turned out that Marco is gay. She was ok with it and then pretended to be his girlfriend until he was ready to come out to the others.

That was one of her boyfriends and she has had two so far. My favorite and will always be my favorite was Sean. They were perfect together. Here are my favorite pictures. *hint: there are alot*

*hope you like them so far....*

*hint: look at the pictures that are sideways on the collage.* I hope that you enjoyed those. There is another post with only Ashley and Marco. I hope that you enjoyed this one.

My Brother

My brother is a very successful business person. He has very many personalities...and u can see him on He lives in Utah and I in Nevada so I don't see him much. I do miss him. He was annoying but he's funny and sweet. He may come down next weekend to see the new nephew that was just born on Jan. 30th. I am very excited. Here are some photos:

He makes my day, every day.